Las Vegas Public Radio Inc.
"E Pluribus Unum"... "Out of Many, One"

Corporate Citizenship

What is KIOF 97.9 FM all about in the community?

Our Philosophy

Public Radio is powerful. Local content is our passion. And at Las Vegas Public Radio, we take our role as an engine for progress to heart. When we consider how we can become better corporate citizens, our commitment to community solutions drives us to find new ways to tackle old problems.

We certainly understand the value of connections here at Las Vegas Public Radio. Engaging them is our business. Connecting with listeners is where we find our inspiration. Connecting with local content providers is how we move forward. But just as vital are the connections we make to the places we call home. Our community involvement is the key to our success. It's important to us to return the favor in productive and meaningful ways.

Political Affiliations

We are dedicated to bringing the voice of ALL citizens within the City of Las Vegas, Nevada to the airwaves.

Human Rights

Las Vegas Public Radio is committed to respecting human rights and avoiding complicity in any human rights abuse, throughout our company, our operations and our community.


Las Vegas Public Radio is passionately dedicated to maximizing the performance of our workplace while minimizing our environmental footprint through energy-saving technology integration and sustainable facilities.